Scientel Solutions is in the business of Engineering, Furnishing and Installing (EF&I) cutting edge communications, video and data solutions.  We also can offer maintenance services for the solutions we provide as well as existing systems.

Essentially, we are in the business keeping your business’s telecommunication systems efficient, economical, reliable and secure.

With over 150 years of combined experience, we are capable of designing and implementing the enterprise solution that is right for your business. Scientel Solutions has worked with businesses with a diverse set of challenges including multi building corporate campus environments and can design enterprise communication solutions for international clients.

How much is your company overspending? Scientel Solutions can help your business streamline operations, increase worker productivity, collect need-to-know insights, and keep proprietary information secure from threats with forward leading Internet of Things technology. Our engineers can even design a system that leverages your existing telecommunication infrastructure for a quicker return on your investment (ROI).

One of the biggest risks facing companies today is the loss of confidential and sensitive information. Scientel Solutions applies the infallible security solutions to enterprise clients as we provide for government agencies nationwide. We offer secure email communication, data encryption, and robust monitoring systems to ensure protection from hackers before, during and after an attack.

By establishing Automated Campus Management, we will help your organization increase operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs and utility waste with automated climate control, watering systems, and central resource management. In addition to raising operational efficiency, your organization can increase worker productivity by adding Wi-Fi Hot Zones to your most trafficked common areas — allowing workers to connect to the Internet wherever they are most productive.

Scientel Solutions understands the importance of privacy within the healthcare industry, and we are fully committed to providing you with the same infallible communication systems used by government and law enforcement agencies nationwide.

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the way we manage health. With more smart devices uploading users’ personal health information into the cloud than ever, your organization may be in need of upgrades to increase capacity. Allow physicians to retrieve patient data from these smart devices from anywhere on an encrypted private network to improve quality of care inside and outside the medical facility.

Using secure, anytime, anywhere wireless links provided by wireless access points, medical staff can register and diagnose patients, schedule procedures, and administer medications with greater efficiency than ever before. With this networking system, nurses can use handheld devices to input patient data within the hospital’s network, removing the process of taking handwritten notes and then inputting the data by hand.

With limited resources and the expensive costs of dedicated circuits, Scientel Solutions can help hospitals successfully connect other hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies to physicians, and patients to a secure broadband network that is HIPAA compliant.

Retailers face fierce competition today from both brick and mortar stores and e-commerce, and need to keep pace with customers’ expectations and industry trends. Improve your customers’ in-store experiences and profitability with customized solutions designed for a retail environment.

Does your business own multiple retail locations? Streamline customer databases and inter-store communication with a Point-to-Point sales system capable of handling your busiest holiday season and designed to improve customer experience. Safely store customer information using POS database encryption while being able to extract need-to-know insights like where your customers live and their purchasing patterns.

Store-wide Wi-Fi Hot Zones give retailers the flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness to anticipate and meet customer demand. Make purchasing transactions seamless as store employees check inventory and help customers with checkout from handheld devices. By offering complimentary Wi-Fi to customers, retailers can capture demographic data and use traffic analytics to optimize merchandising placements.

Video surveillance networks are a key part of savvy retailers’ comprehensive loss prevention and security program. Video can deter and also capture evidence of shoplifting scams, employee theft, and policy non-compliance.

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