Scientel Solutions understands the delicate nature of working with government offices, and treats every project with utmost sensitivity, security and efficiency.

Scientel Solutions’s industry-leading engineers and technicians possess the knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver infallible solutions for civilian and various government applications.


Scientel Solutions is firmly committed to meeting the uniquely complex and highly sensitive broadband communication needs of the U.S. Federal Government including, but not limited to, its federal offices, military, homeland operations, disaster recovery and federal law enforcement.

Using next-generation technology, we offer unequivocal data security and Defense Information System Networks (DISN) on an infallible IP network. Federal law enforcement, intelligence and military benefit from critical insights through robust monitoring applications and surveillance systems. Integrated geolocation services and asset tracking ensure crucial real-time data and paramount resource allocation.

State and local governments often have needs spanning multiple agencies, and Scientel Solutions is fully committed to making the lives of officials and their constituents better as your telecommunications partner.

By leveraging a consolidated cost-effective IP network to serve multiple agencies, Scientel Solutions can integrate future-proof technologies into a solution that is secure, reliable and economical.

We offer readily available information shared through cloud technology, real-time monitoring of vital information, video surveillance networks and infallible communication access during times of disaster preparation and recovery. Cloud data security remains secure before, during and after attacks.

At Scientel Solutions, we believe that connected cities are smart cities. We offer turnkey solutions and spot solutions to transition your municipality into an Internet of Things future, able to attract new businesses and tourism alike by offering high-tech amenities.

Wi-Fi Hot Zones offer complimentary internet access to local government employees, residents and visitors alike whether they are on government property or taking advantage of revenue-driving public areas. By connecting rural areas to high speed broadband infrastructure, these communities can better compete for residential and tourism based revenue.

We can install street-level amenities, including security video, emergency alarms and wireless access that comply with privacy legislation, while also providing local officials and law enforcement essential event monitoring, improved access for disabled citizens, and the necessary framework to evolve street-facing amenities as needed in the future.

To read how Scientel Solutions, in collaboration with Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, brought wireless service to rural and underserved Hawaiian communities, click here.

We understand the intricate needs of the public safety sector, and we are fully committed to providing police, fire, and medical first responders with superior solutions designed for efficient use of resources in any mission-critical response.

Broadband voice, data and video to moving vehicles offers greater situational awareness without the limitations of one form of real-time communication. Deploying wireless networks in first responder vehicles provides a foundation for a scalable IP communications infrastructure on scene, even if WLAN communications are lost.

Access to real-time data is vital for crucial decision making, and our T1 replacements program can keep need-to-know data accessible from any location, whether in vehicle or on foot, through a secure cloud network. Police can better analyze crime data collected to solve cases faster and better understand when and where other crimes may occur.

Video surveillance networks provide accurate real-time view of emergency situations that keep first responders and citizens safer. Police can use remote video surveillance to monitor events at a safe distance, identify license plates and examine evidence later.

Scientel Solutions has worked successfully with transportation agencies nationwide to improve capabilities using Internet of Things technology. Depending on your project needs, our engineering team may be able to leverage your existing infrastructure for more effective use within your budget. We offer turnkey solutions from construction to project management to full monitoring, maintenance and support.

Current trends call for more IP based communication. Scientel Solutions leverages your current TDM based infrastructure and smoothly implements forward-looking IP based solutions.

Our RF planning and design services ensure full capacity and eliminate resource waste with smart RF planning and design for your mobile radio communications system.

We can help your organization use Integrated Geolocation technology to relevant data in locations you define to allocate resources more efficiently. Street-level amenities including remote video monitoring, security video and wireless access for Internet of Things technology can help your organization collect the data needed for early awareness and to anticipate future needs.

Manage and protect your city’s most valuable resource — clean water access, with customized solutions designed to meet your municipality’s specific needs for optimal water management. We can help you control water flow for extended distances while driving down operational costs.

Using a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, network management system, wireless radio and transitioning TDM to IP technology, Scientel Solutions can help your organization manage pump station, tank, irrigation and treatment plant control. Our monitoring systems offer custom alarms and remote video surveillance, so you will have early awareness of contamination and flood warnings.


We want to help you optimize your communication networks. Please submit your contact information to learn more about how we can help you meet your organization’s needs.

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