The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how students of all ages learn and explore. Educators are using more diverse methods of delivering their lesson plans, whether students stream video, upload guided recordings, work in live documents or participate in polls graded in real time to spur classroom discussion.

Students, teachers and administrators are streamlining assignments and materials into secure cloud networks, allowing them to focus more on the quality of education instead of on inefficient tasks. With more and more smart devices connecting each year, more institutions’ network infrastructures become increasingly strained.

Scientel Solutions has unyielding commitment to helping educators maximize their efforts through technology. We have worked with school districts to universities nationwide addressing a diverse set of challenges unique to education.

As students gain exposure to smart devices at younger and younger ages, school administrators are facing new demands to incorporate smart devices and increased bandwidth into classrooms.

The use of tablets in educational environments are becoming beneficial for students, teachers and administrators alike. Students can access their coursework and notes from anywhere. Those in need of extra assistance can utilize software to augment their modified learning plans, and all students can benefit from a lighter backpack when all of their textbooks are consolidated to a single tablet. Teachers can access students’ assignments in the cloud, grade and provide personalized feedback more efficiently. Administrators save, on average $30,000-$50,000 annually, on paper supplies by switching to a paperless classroom system — savings that can be reinvested back into students’ educational experiences.

Computer programming courses are increasingly being added to primary and secondary curricula to prepare students for careers into the future. One challenge schools often face as a result, is how these courses, along with additional smart devices logging onto Wi-Fi, can strain a school’s aging infrastructure and wireless networks.

Security is of paramount concern, and IoT technology helps keep students and educators safer by offering administrators more control over their environment. Our video surveillance networks through the cloud provide administrators with real-time video monitoring for early awareness and prevention, while also storage footage of events. Sensors in exterior doors can alert administrators of any unwanted or forced entry, while smart locks also allow administrators to control who comes in or leaves the building in an emergency.

Scientel Solutions can help your organization leverage your existing infrastructure into a new network designed to increase capacity so students, teachers, administrators and visitors can utilize different smart devices simultaneously.

University students expect to stay connected on campus, whether they are in a lecture hall, the cafeteria, an outdoor quad or in their dormitory. Scientel Solutions can help your university provide a flexible, reliable and cost-effective broadband network that can support tens of thousands of smart devices used by students, educators, administrators, prospective students, and alumni.

University students consume learning material in various media by downloading assigned readings to tablets, messaging with scholars all over the world on their smartphones, or streaming video on their computers. Lecture halls, with hundreds of students taking a class together, can stress your campus’ network. Dormitories can further stress your network because students use their electronic devices for studying and living. As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more mainstream, you can anticipate that your network’s bandwidth will need to expand to better meet the needs of students living on campus.

Security is of supreme importance across a campus, and Scientel Solutions is committed to helping you keep everyone safe. We offer sophisticated monitoring systems with customized alarms for our cloud networks and your physical property. Video surveillance systems help deter and prevent campus crime, while stored video data can be extracted to be used as evidence. Keep everyone’s cloud access secure with certificate-based logins for enrolled students and employees, while offering a steadfast network for visitors, prospective students and alumni to access.

Transforming your university’s wireless environment with future-proof technology can be highly cost-effective. Drive campus maintenance expenses down with energy monitoring and automated management. By capturing footfall data by Wi-Fi users, school administrators can better predict where to place revenue-driving amenities, like drink kiosks and pop-up vendors during sports games, to increase profit. With optimal resource management, you can eliminate wasteful spending and maximize return on investment (ROI).


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