Project: The City of Plano commissioned Scientel Solutions to develop a secure public WiFi network for its Event Center to be used during events and for free public use. 


Challenge: To provide an optimal outcome for the City of Plano and its Event Center, it was imperative that the transition from the existing Wi-Fi network to a new secure public WiFi system integration be seamless, without disruption or outages, for all stakeholders while providing improved bandwidth and coverage in all areas.

Our goal was to support 1,000+ simultaneous user connections, and Scientel Solutions’ engineering team, needed to design and configure access points, controller, and a minimum of 12 hardwired ports available on the network.


Solutions: Our engineering team designed a future-proof system with proper cabling and infrastructure hardware, a detailed integration plan of the new access point and ancillary equipment, and a robust network based on Zebra access points to meet our customer’s needs while balancing timeline and budget expectations.

To ensure the Plano Event Center WiFi upgrade can keep pace with new technology, in-depth system training and a 3-year warranty on the hardware and 1-year warranty on the installation and configuration completed the project.


Our engineering team worked to design, configure and install access points to provide a secure wireless network capable of supporting 1,000+ wireless devices to meet our customer’s evolving needs.

To be able to do this, Scientel needed to create multiple SSIDs (free and paid), create passwords and preshared keys for SSIDs meeting client’s requirements, and configure bandwidth for every SSID as per customer’s requirement based on customer’s purchasing agreement.

Our engineers planned to cable from the controller and the switch to the access points and out to the internet router. In addition to short-term cabling needs, our engineers needed to design a future-proof cabling plan for all the access points and drop lines that future needs may require.

To make sure all network connections were secure and reliable, our engineers conducted lab and on-site testing. As the project neared completion, our team provided in-depth training on the overall functions of the system to implement changes if required in the future.

8 weeks (scheduled around events at Plano Event Center for minimal disruption)

Result: The City of Plano offers a secure public WiFi network capable of supporting thousands of simultaneous user connections to be enjoyed by residents, visitors and city employees at the Event Center. As a result, City of Plano can now organize a wide variety of events and provide network connectivity for users with improved bandwidth and coverage in all areas of the Event Center.