The Internet of Things (IoT) is drastically changing how utilities and industrial suppliers/manufacturers are managed and distributed. Scientel Solutions can design and implement a turnkey solution to help your organization streamline processes, increasing efficiency, worker safety and profitability — even in the most remote locations of the world.

We specialize in leveraging aging communications infrastructure and optimizing these networks for IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity.  Once a utility’s network is optimized, remote resources can be more easily measured, controlled and better maintained using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

Scientel Solutions is able to design and provide utilities and cooperatives full turnkey licensed and unlicensed communication systems. Our expertise includes complete design and installation services for various applications using every conceivable radio frequency available, and every capacity possible that the FCC allows, including license free spread spectrum.

Scientel Solutions specializes in custom designed technology solutions engineered to
solve the complex needs of the oil and gas industry. We can leverage leading edge Internet of
Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things technology (IIoT) to smoothly transition your
existing infrastructure into a smart system that connects the dots to increase
efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Scientel Solutions can keep you connected from anywhere — no matter how remote or challenging your site location. We offer remote internet access and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to ensure dependable communications in the most challenging of environmental conditions. Monitor and measure well heads, pumps and pipeline pressure to maximize profitability and on-site using Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) and sophisticated wireless MAS/SCADA systems. Remotely keep an eye on all operational networks, such as pump compressor station control systems, as business-critical data is stored safely in a secure cloud. Wireless data backhauling ensures that vital data acquisition is never interrupted.

We always factor in safety and security into our network design. Prevent accidents with leak detection and gas storage monitoring, automated alarm systems and early detection of risky conditions using real-time video surveillance networks.

To print a copy of our Oil & Gas one sheet brochure, please click here.

We were featured on Red Wing’s Oil & Gas HSE podcast, Episode 12 “Remote Communications Problems and Solutions.” Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes.

Providing the public with essential utilities, like water, gas and internet access, improves communities. Scientel Solutions is proud to partner with consumer utilities to provide increased value and efficiency through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Automated Meter Readings (AMR).

Scientel Solutions can give you the most control over your plant with smart grid operations, video surveillance and monitoring, Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) and energy management systems that will help your organization increase efficiency and streamline unnecessary operation costs.

We can also help your organization reach consumers better with last mile connectivity. To read how Scientel Solutions, in collaboration with Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, brought wireless service to rural and underserved Hawaiian communities, click here.

Manage and protect earth’s most valuable resource — clean water access, with customized solutions designed to meet your municipality’s specific needs for optimal water management. We can help you control water flow for extended distances while driving down operational costs.

Using a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, network management system, wireless radio and transitioning TDM to IP technology, Scientel Solutions can help your organization manage pump station, tank, irrigation and treatment plant control. Our monitoring systems offer custom alarms and remote video surveillance, so you will have early awareness of contamination and flood warnings.

Scientel Solutions can design a sophisticated communication network to simplify your mining operation and increase profitability, and in the harshest of environments. High performing agile communication systems help your organization leverage existing telecommunication infrastructure to manage multiple sites on an efficient, streamlined IP network.

Nonstop productivity can help your organization reach its commercial goals more efficiently, while remote and mobile monitoring of your site operations improves spot analysis. Never slow down production due to a loss of connection. Keep key automated features connected using Smart Grid technology and benefit from continuous data monitoring and storage into a secure cloud.

In order to maintain profitability, all resources need to be utilized to their fullest potential. Scientel Solutions can help your organization automate your asset management in addition to keeping resources secure using security and surveillance applications.

State and local government agencies recently have had to rely on Carriers to provide connectivity where it is too expensive to trench and run fiber. Many of those experiences have led to frustration by the agencies with the Carriers to try and meet SLA’s (Service Level Agreement) due to outages and skyrocketing fees associated to speed demands by these sites. Scientel Solutions has been involved with many state and local government agencies who are tired of not being in control of their own network and in turn designs a turnkey solution that will grow with their bandwidth needs both now and in the future. In most cases when these networks get installed the agencies realize the flexibility of site deployments and will find other locations/departments that can be connected easily.

To read how Scientel Solutions, in collaboration Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, brought wireless service to rural and underserved Hawaiian communities, click here.

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